WaterSaw is a group of musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their music is composed specifically for modern dance choreography, film scores, or in conjunction with another art form. Creating layers of sound through loopers (recording devices), their live music varies in range and can be sparse, rhythmic, ethereal, or driving. The collaboration of music and art facilitates the intended artistic expression.

WaterSaw uses their instruments in both conventional and experiential ways, giving way to an array of textures and sounds. WaterSaw is composed of: Cello, bass, guitar, Ipad, percussion, drums, and female vocals.

WaterSaw is:


  • Nicole Laby

    Nicole Laby

    Vocals & Percussion

    Nicole Laby’s formative training as a vocalist began in her early 20’s. She utilized classical skills to create a solid foundation for the development of alternative vocalizations. Additionally, Nicole’s travels to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East inspired her nonconventional approach to singing; nature, environment, people, and native music were/are great inspirations.

    Currently, she continues to focus on music, and develop her skills in painting and art installation. Nicole’s artwork can be found here:

    Nicole formed Bay Area bands and wrote original music on guitar for the past two decades. She recorded 13 albums during this period and performed in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York, with some live radio performances in SF. Her respect and adoration for modern dance informed her transition into collaboration with choreographers. Other influences and respected artists include: Bjork, Cesaria Evora, Kristin Hersh, Beth Gibbons, Habib Koite, Etta James, Thom Yorke, Juana Molina, Aphex Twin, Cibo Matto, Erykah Badu, Cat Power, Annie Lennox, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, Meredith Monk, and David Bowie.,,

  • Michael Tornatore

    Michael Tornatore


    Michael Tornatore is a self-taught drummer of 32 years. His passion for the instrument has kept him consistently involved in musical projects ranging from Jazz to Metal. Michael spent 7 years in the Los Angeles music scene & the last 14 in San Franciscos’ which has exposed him to many different opportunities & challenges. His thirst to grow & love for the profession has him currently involved in nine projects with varying styles, personalities & commitment levels. Michael possesses a solid meter while presenting creative parts to serve the song while channeling his love & energy for the music. Michael recently left the corporate world to enjoy a more family & musically oriented life balance.


  • John Givens

    John Givens


    John Givens is a guitarist, composer and band leader from Berkeley, CA. His wide musical influences, his love of improvisation and his ability to perform in multiple genres, make him a key player in several other Bay Area groups; including the soul band, No Lovely Thing, the electronic group, ZuZed and the sultry folk of Devon McClive & Sons. John’s dynamic playing can range from percussive rhythm, soulful leads to ambient textural beds. He draws on this rich diversity to compose scores for narrative films and documentaries.

    No Lovely Thing, ZuZed, score composition

  • Gael Alcock

    Gael Alcock

    A native Cape Codder and Bay Area transplant, Gael is a cellist who enjoys collaborative projects which utilize improvisational frameworks. She teaches strings to youth and adult students in her Berkeley home studio and at Joaquin Miller Elementary School.

    She’s currently at the California Jazz Conservatory where she studies and performs Brazilian, fusion, bebop, swing, and North Indian classical music. Prior to the jazz phase, she played with East and West Coast orchestras and chamber music groups and studied cello with George Finckel, Nicolau Hohloff, and Michael Grebanier.,

  • Mark Fassett

    Mark Fassett

    (We are grateful to have Mark when he’s available)

    Upright Bass

    Upright bassist and guitarist, Mark Fassett moved to the bay area in the 80′s. His short attention span has led him to perform in many musical styles, from 80′s shred-metal to funk, indie rock, and ambient chamber music. He has released several independent CDs as Particle Salad, 42 Shades of Grey, and as part of the duo Liquid State. He performed and recorded with ambient classical pianist Kevin Keller as part of the Kevin Keller Trio. In addition to WaterSaw, he currently plays lead guitar in jam band and is working on a new collaborative experimental project in his home studio.

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Photograpy by Nick Farrell and Charlie Homo